Our foundation was laid in 1995 as Green Cosmos Marketing specializing in the supply and installation of HDPE liners and other geosynthetic materials within the South East Asia region.
After 20 years, we continue to work with our affiliates and clients within South East Asia on the following core business activities:
  • Design and  construction  of  environmental  lining  systems  for  civil engineering works including landfills and storages for water and wastewater.  The applications are many and varied and we work with both polymeric geomembranes and geosynthetic clay liners as well as a variety of geotextiles, geogrids and geonet drainage layers;

  • Concrete protection works using special studded geomembranes that can be cast in to the face of concrete structures ~ sewerage tunnels, precast RC jacking pipes, access shafts / manholes / sumps, adits, vortex chambers, etc.;

  • Design and construction of engineered geomembrane floating covers for water storages requiring contamination control as well as wastewater treatment lagoons to control odor and generate anaerobic waste processing with biogas harvesting for energy;

  • Soil improvement  works  and  ground  consolidation  using  prefabricated  vertical drains and associated geosynthetics for reclamation and infrastructure  development projects;

  • Design, supply and field installation of both hydraulically and mechanically filled sand containers and geotextile tubes to provide cost-effective solutions for both coastal and inland protection works.
We have long recognized the demand for high quality products and proper installation works in this region and we continue to provide the best level of professional service for our clients.  

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