Client: Public Utilities Board (PUB)

Projects: List of Link Sewers Completed

Project Script:

Singapore Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (“DTSS”) uses deep tunnel sewers and a network of link sewers to convey used water to 3 centralized water reclamation plants, which is then treated and purified to become NEWater or discharged to the sea through outfalls.

The link sewers connect the existing sewerage pipes from households and industries to the deep tunnel sewers. Constructed with depths ranging from 10m to 30m underground, a trenchless method (“pipe jacking technology”) is used to minimize disruption of activities above ground. Ranging from 0.3m to 3.0m in diameter, the link sewers total 60km in length under DTSS Phase 1.

Precast reinforced concrete jacking pipes are internally line 330o of link sewer circumference with minimum 2.5mm thick AKS high density polyethylene (HDPE) concrete protection liner.


1 Queensway/Commonwealth Ave Road Interchange Project 2,000m2
2 DTSS T-02 Bedok Tunnel - Link Sewer Project 900m2
3 Changi Sewers Development Project 7,000m2
4 Mustafa Centre Sewer Diversion Project 500m2
5 Kim Chuan Sewage Treatment Works
West Works Phase 1 Redevelopment Stage 1 Contract 1 Project
6 Tuas Hockey Stick - Contract 5 12,730m2
7 Tuas Hockey Stick - Contract 6 16,530m2
8 DTSS - Seletar Link Sewers Contract 1 13,125m2
9 DTSS - Tanah Merah Link Sewers 60,000m2
10 DTSS - Queensway Tunnel (T-06) 95,000m2
11 DTSS - Seletar Link Sewers Contract 2 10,000m2
12 DTSS - Kolam Ayer Link Sewers 25,000m2
13 DTSS - Crawford Link Sewers Contract 1 12,000m2
14 DTSS - Upper Thomson Link Sewers 25,000m2
15 DTSS - Kim Chuan Link Sewer - Contract 1 43,000m2
16 DTSS - Kim Chuan Link Sewer - Contract 2 9,943m2
17 KL Sewer Treatment Plant - Phase 1 90,000m2
18 KL Sewer Treatment Plant - Phase 2 Package 2 - Juru STP 6,000m2
19 KL Sewer Treatment Plant - Phase 2 Package 2 - Sungei Nylor STP 3,500m2
20 Proposed NEWater Service Reservoir at Mandai Hill 68 15,000m2
21 C483 Marina Coastal Expressway 4,600m2
22 Relieft Sewer at Lavendar Road 12,850m2
23 Sewers @ Tuas View Extension Phase 3B 6,000m2
24 Prop. Sewers from Tuas South Ave 12 to 6 16,000m2
25 Prop. Sewers from Tuas South Ave 6 to 2 16,500m2
26 Prop.Sewers from Tuas South Ave 14 to12 6,000m2
27 Prop. Sewers Along Jalan Tukang & International Road 10,000m2
28 Sewerage Scheme to Phase Out Nee Soon Pumping Station - Contract 1 13,000m2
29 Contract T2136 Sewer Diversion at Springleaf Station 10,000m2
30 Sewerage Scheme to Phase Out Nee Soon Pumping Station - Contract 2 13,000m2
31 Proposed Sewers in Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 Areas 22,000m2
32 Proposed Sewers in Yishun Ave 7 Areas 20,000m2


RC jacking pipes produced using vertical cast methodology


AKS HDPE liner wrapped around inner mould


Demoulding in progress


ID3000mm Precast RC Jacking Pipes Internally Lined (330⁰) with AKS 2.5mm thick HDPE


330⁰ AKS-lined RC jacking pipes with built-in stainless collar


Line load pull-out tests (2T/m) on cast-in-place AKS HDPE liner


ID1000mm Precast RC AKS-lined Jacking Pipes ready for dispatch to PUB project site(s)


Insitu field circumferential jointing in progress


Smooth HDPE capping strip placed to bridge pipe joint


Portable extrusion equipment using 5mm dia. HDPE welding rods


Close-up on double weld extrusion seam


HDPE patch (size 100mm x 100mm) covers grout hole and sand grinded in advance to receive extrusion
capping. Note protrusion of embedded copper wire which facilitates high voltage spark testing as part
of QA/QC on-site


Testing of “welded seam” utilizing a Spark Tester

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