Client: Ministry of Transport and Communication
             Project Management Unit No. 85 (“PMU 85”)

Main Contractor: TOA-TOYO Joint Venture

Project Details:

Cai Mep International Container Terminal, located in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province about 70km south of Ho Chi Minh City, is a JBIC-funded soft loan development project.

Green Cosmos jointly with our local partner JPS Engineering & Construction undertake the soil improvement work (PVD) package over the entire 36Ha site deploying specialized hydraulic winch PVD installation machines to field install approximately 6.8 million metres of prefabricated vertical drains to depth of -50m below ground to consolidate the highly saturated soft clay subsoil.

In addition, a total of 148km of prefabricated horizontal strip drains and 10km of horizontal drainage trench were constructed as part of the overall soil improvement works.

Pictorials on Field installation of PVDs:

Overview on PVD installation work at Cai Mep Int’l
Container Terminal Project

Specialized Hydraulic Winch PVD Installation Machine
- excavator base mounted

Hydraulic Winch PVD Installation Machine
equipped with 56m rig structure

PVD installation depth capability of up to 52m
below working platform

Installed PVD cut off at designed length above
working platform

Anchor shoe plate holding PVD inserted into steel
mandrel ready for next PVD point

Electronic Data Logger System for depth
measurement and verticality control

Logged data displays PVD depth, location,
time, point ref. #, grid coordinates, tilt

Inclinometer device mounted on hydraulic winch assembly (see blue box - top right)

Verticality control on both X- and Y-axis to maintain
PVD eccentricity to within +/- 10 tolerance

Erection of PVD leader structure in progress

Lifting and lowering of PVD leader structure
facilitated entirely by excavator base machinery


Pictorials on Construction of horizontal Drains:

Overview on horizontal drainage trench construction

Approved crushed stone stockpile for horizontal drainage trench construction

Perforated PVC pipe stockpile

Excavation of horizontal drainage trench in progress. Note excavator tracks traverse
between PVD points to avoid any physical damage to installed PVDs

Placement of approved non-woven geotextile into excavated trench

Intersection of main and lateral drainage trenches

Placement of perforated PVC pipes into gravel filled base of drainage trench

Installed horizontal strip drain connects securely into gravel filled trench

PVD installation in progress up to 50m below working platform

PVD installed in square grid formation with cut-off length 1m for connection to horizontal strip drains

Soft mud spoils at PVD points removed prior to laying of horizontal strip drains

Placement of horizontal strip drains between PVD points

PVD overlaps onto laid horizontal strip drain

Overlapped PVDs securely stapled together over horizontal strip drain

Overview of installed horizontal strip drains

Overview of installed horizontal strip drains ready for excavation of lateral drainage trench

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