Design : Soft Rock

The development and successful application of geotextile containers has evolved dramatically over the last twenty five years.

Utilising high quality geosynthetics of known reputable performance criteria, a diverse range of geotextile containers varying in size from light bags (25-40kg) small containers up to 1.0 cubic metre, medium containers of 2.5-5.0 cubic metres and very large “mega” containers weighing many hundreds of tonnes, have been successfully developed, and applied in applications all over the globe.

There is now significant history, case studies and increasing understanding regarding performance criteria such as design parameters, durability, and increasingly, environmental and ecological benefit.

Green Cosmos, jointly with GSR International based in South East Queensland - Australia, has been instrumental in the regional market development and application of geotextile containers for hydraulic engineering in river bank, foreshore and submerged coastal applications, for over 30 years.

Through the key alliances with GSR International’s partners and coastal engineers, we are able to offer a broad variety of container sizes, material selection, and first hand design and installation experience to ensure your next project delivers the required milestones.

 The Principal of the firm is Mr Simon Restall, who has over thirty five year of professional experience in the design, manufacture, testing, and application of geosynthetics. As an early adopter of the benefit of geosynthetics, Mr Restall maintains a global network geosynthetic professionals ensuring the most up to date design, materials and performance analysis are applied in our projects.

Mr Restall and his colleagues have been directly instrumental on the development and application of many ‘world first’ applications of geosynthetic containers since 1985.


  • Geosynthetic materials and system development and evaluation
  • Geosynthetic containers for coastal and river application design analysis
  • Geosynthetic container stability, durability and performance analysis
  • Project planning, organization, procurement and construction management
  • Quality control and quality assurance
  • Site inspection and supervision

Training and installation support

The application of geosynthetic forms filled with and or other materials has grown significantly over the last several decades.

 The acceptance of geosynthetic containers as suitable design elements for coastal and riverbank protection, amongst others, has been driven by a continued improvement in material technology, design principals, and importantly, the increasing evidence of long term durability and performance delivered by correctly selected materials, container sizing and appropriate design correlation.

Some of the more common uses include;

  • Foreshore protection to replace traditional rock and concrete armour
  • Near shore submerged and semi submerged applications to assist with coastal process and erosion control
  • Riverbank protection
  • Construction elements for berms, dykes and diversions
  • Dewatering and containment of obsolete materials

Every application is different and requires consideration and analysis of the environment, wave climate, available material, logistics and long term outcomes.

Green Cosmos is ideally placed to address your project requirements.

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