Client: Land Transport Authority (LTA)

Main Contractor: Hwa Seng Builder Pte Ltd

Project Details:

The Land Transport Authority has awarded a contract to Messrs. Hwa Seng Builder Private Limited for the expansion of KPE/TPE interchange and a new link road to Punggol Central.

This is to alleviate the traffic congestion at TPE between Punggol Way and KPE, and the existing access points of Punggol Town.

Works include the construction of three new vehicular bridges crossing Sungei Serangoon and Sungei Blukar, a new flyover across TPE, roadways on former Lorong Halus landfill along with other associated ramps and drainage works.

Green Cosmos undertake the fabrication of thick smooth high density polyethylene (“HDPE”) geomembrane liner, 4.0mm and 7.0mm thickness, to form circular HDPE sleeves for wrap around bored piles of various diameters ranging from 700mm dia. up to 1500mm dia.

These fabricated circular HDPE sleeves serve to protect bored piles sited within the existing landfill against leachates attack and other corrosive elements.   

Quantum of fabricated HDPE sleeves supplied:

  • Bored Piles 700mm dia. to 900mm dia. – 12,500m using 4.0mm thick HDPE liner
  • Bored Piles 1000mm dia. to 150mm dia. – 662m using 7.0mm thick HDPE liner


Pictorial on Fabrication of HDPE Sleeves:

1. Precise measurement of HDPE liner to fit specific ID of pipe sleeves 2.  Prefabrication and cutting of HDPE liner to exact dimensions 3.  Automated butt welding process to form circular HDPE pipe sleeves  4.  Removal of weld burrs to flush level all butt weld joints
12. Prefab. HDPE pipe sleeves ready for lifting to the bore hole work location 5. Forming intermediate collars to extend HDPE pipe sleeves to desired length
11. Transport prefab. HDPE pipe sleeves to project site using extended trailers Hoisting Prefabricated HDPE Pipe Sleeves Into Bore Hole Location At LTA ER397A Site 6. Alignment of HDPE pipe sleeve to intermediate collar for rod extrusion welding
10. Prefab. HDPE pipe sleeves (various dia. and length) ready for delivery 9. Rod extrusion welding of inter-tubular HDPE pipe sleeves in process 8. All internal joints are reinforced with speed nozzle rod extrusion weld 7.  Insert R6 mild steel bar to maintain circular HDPE pipe sleeve in shape 


      Butt welding and fabrication of circular HDPE Sleeves

      Testing of Butt Weld Seam at Singapore Laboratory Services Pte Ltd

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