Client: Housing & Development Board (“HDB”)

Main Contractor: TOA-JDN (PUT) Joint Venture

Project Details:

Construction works to extend seawalls at Changi East is being undertaken by TOA-JDN (PUT) Joint Venture since August 2011.

The overall works entail reclamation by hydraulic sand filling, soil improvement works through a combination of prefabricated vertical drains (PVD) and vibro-floatation, stone revetment, scour protection as well as the construction and removal of instrumentation clusters.

Green Cosmos was awarded the PVD works (total 10,700,000m) which must be carried out over 3 stages.

All construction plant machinery and materials were transferred via waterway using flat-bed barges and tug boats between mainland jetty and project site offloading areas.

Field installation of PVD using hydraulic winch PVD machinery were successfully accomplished in December 2013 – five months ahead of schedule.


Pictorials on Field Installation of PVDs:

Overview from offshore

Field installation of PVDs in progress

Insertion of anchor shoe plate

Splicing of PVD with mechanical stapler

Overview of CEFE project site

Spliced joint overlapped 500mm

PVD materials transferred from mainland via barge

Offloading of PVD materials in progress

All PVD materials fully covered with canvas sheet


Pictorials on Predrilling of Hard Substrates:

Predrilling of hard substrates preceding PVD installation

Predrilling using hydraulic vibro attachment in progress


Measurement of Induced Tensile Forces on Geotextile Filter Jacket during PVD Installation:

As part of CEFE’s performance requirements, measurement of induced tensile forces on geotextile filter jacket of prefabricated vertical drain was undertaken by Dr Chew Soon Hoe from NUS.

The main objective of these elaborate field tests is to ensure that the tensile strength of filter fabric of the PVD material used is adequate to withstand the installation stresses.

A copy of Dr Chew Soon Hoe’s report can be found in the attached

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