Client: Vietnam Waste Solutions, Inc.

Main Contractor: JPS Engineering & Construction Company Limited

Project Details:

Da Phuoc Integrated Waste Management Facility is located in Da Phuoc Commune, Binh Chanh District ~ south of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Da Phuoc Phase 1 Sanitary Landfill with leachate collection, removal & treatment is designed by Vector Engineering Inc. basing on North American standards and receives up to 6,000 tons of domestic waste daily.

Green Cosmos jointly with our local partner JPS E&C constructed the entire 45ha landfill complete with soil improvement works (PVD), field installation of 1.5mm thick single-side textured HDPE liner and 30/30 kN biaxial geogrids, sub-drain & leachate collection system and uni-axial high strength geogrid reinforced embankment construction – all under strict CQA supervision by Vector Engineering, Inc.


Approximate Quantities

Sub-drain sand : 400,000 cum
PVD : 1,180,000 linm
Sub-drain pipes : 3,800 linm
Biaxial geogrid : 310,000 sqm
Engineered Fill : 90,000 cum
Biaxial geogrid : 310,000 sqm
Strip drain : 67,000 linm
HDPE Liner : 310,000 sqm
LCRS Sand : 31,000 cum
LCRS pipes : 17,000 linm

Pictorials on Landfill Construction & Field Installation of Environmental Lining System:


Access by water

Bridge construction

Completed bridge

Clearing of mangroves

Pumping sand

Sand pumped into place

Prefabricated vertical drains

Soft sand

Machine bogged

Timber platform

Geogrid for worst areas


Materials by barge

Clamshells to unload

Stacking geosynthetics

Covering geosynthetics

Geogrid and geotextile for embankments

Geogrid around corner

Spreading of Fill

Compaction of fill

Wet Season

Cover for fill

Cover for stockpiles

Deploying earthfill cover

Re-working of fill

More re-working of fill

Pumps and more pumps

Drainage channels

Density by sand replacement

Sand cone

Geogrid wrapping at toe

Perforated pipes

Butt welding pipes

Trenching for sub-drain pipes

Sub-drain pipe installation

Clearing vegetation

Biaxial geogrid and strip drains

Stripdrain and PVD

Sand cover

Compaction of face

Anchor trench

Backfill anchor trench

Subgrade preparation

Deploy liner

Deploy liner

Cleaning for seams

Seaming crew


Air pressure testing

Testing passed

Leachate sand placement

More leachate sand

Leachate pipes

Adapt local methods

Leachate pipe installation

Placement of waste

And it all went without a hitch!

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